Heart of Gold

October 22, 2008 at 6:58 am (art, culture, life, tattoos, Uncategorized) (, , , , )

So I went from never seeing a “heart” tattoo to stumbling across two in one day. My favorite part of meeting this woman (tragically I lost her contact info), is that I was with Noah when I walked past this woman on my way into a Starbucks (I’ll explain why I was at that particular location in my next post). She was the first person I stopped cold on the street and asked if she would offer up her story. Something tells me there may be a little bit more to what she said. I’ll leave it to you to interpret as you see fit.

“It is my heart of gold.

All of the patches on my heart are patches I have had on clothing throughout my life. So they make me think about the sweatshirt or the pants that I had, or the things that happened to me that made me patch them up.

Having a tattoo on my chest hasn’t made a significant impact on daily life…most of the time it is covered up.



  1. rick mobbs said,

    months ago you left a note on my blog but your link didn’t work and I couldn’t follow you. now i have some time and so i found you and wanted to say hi. i like what you are doing here and look forward to exploring. will blogroll you as i revamp my sadly underutilized blog so i can return easily. best wishes,


  2. Daniel said,

    i love the idea of having Heart Tattoos in place over your actual heart! good idea for covering up as well.

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